Entry #6

Thor's Thundershack

2010-06-11 07:37:45 by mysticmonkey2

Anyone passing through my profile should probably head over to check out my new webcomic, Thor's Thundershack.
It's on its own domain now; fancy huh?


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2010-06-11 11:39:46

Ninja-fan is a tranny, he told me himself.

mysticmonkey2 responds:

You don't say! Fascinating.


2011-04-05 17:43:59

you make good comics but i think that if u take some time doing an animation on NG.if you do one like the pass the axe collab but like 2 min i think it will go better

i hope u have a good day


2013-02-25 09:42:09

Cool comics!! You're the User of the Day.