Thor's Thundershack

2010-06-11 07:37:45 by mysticmonkey2

Anyone passing through my profile should probably head over to check out my new webcomic, Thor's Thundershack.
It's on its own domain now; fancy huh?

Me vs Flash

2009-04-07 03:16:19 by mysticmonkey2

I really want to make a good animation. So far all I have is six collabs and a little bit of April Fools day spam. What am I doing? I have been doing flash for about four years now and I have amounted to nothing. I could not even count the amount of unfinished project I have.Maybe it has been for the best that I haven't finished them, most of them suck hippopotumus anus.

Now I think I could do it, I'm getting a little rusty with animation, but I can still do it. I want to have something decent up by the end of the year, I have two ideas, one is a long movie with plot and everything, the other is just a short gross-out comedy. What I really need is a proffesional nag, someone who won't get off my back to make a flash, if only that really existed.

At least in the past year I have been making good use out of flash, I've been making a webcomics, BffSatan, all on flash. (random strip below) I think I am really starting to make half-decent strips, as opposed to one year ago when I sucked. I think now I could make an animation, despite having to work my ass off on that and two BffSatan updates per week.

Anyway, I post this in pure annoyance with myself for being so slack and unmotivated. Flash, we have been fighting for years now, and you are winning. But I will win, even if it kills me, you sir are going down. Maybe my flash won't be brilliant, maybe I won't get an award or front page, maybe it will, maybe I will make a name for myself. Whatever happens, I just want to be more involved in this great website and have something to proove I am a true newgrounder.

Oh and if anyone is willing to offer their voice for an animation you could contact me now, despite the fact that I haven't said much about what that would involve. It will be a suprise.

(I just noticed, by some strange conincidence the comic I choose has a little newgrounds reference hidden in it, go look at the bigger version, it will be more obvious.)

Me vs Flash

Let's start redistibuting our experience points.

Oh and if any "equal" powerfull heads of society happen to read this I hope they notice my loyalty to China.

I'm going to make a movie

2009-02-14 04:01:00 by mysticmonkey2

So I'm posting about it, I figure if I blog about it a bit then maybe I won't give up on this like every other movie I've ever started.

This week I'll just be scripting the thing, I should be finished by the end of next week when I will start recording voices and looking for other voice actors.

Wish me luck.

also my webcomic

Get hyper

2008-12-08 05:40:43 by mysticmonkey2

By listening to my audio submission, it's my first time so be gentle.

My new webcomic

2008-03-08 02:43:30 by mysticmonkey2

I've recently started my own webcomic, check it out.